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  • Introduction
  • Anatomy of a Call Number
  • Special Location Labels
  • Dewey Number
  • Cutter Number
  • Work Mark
  • Putting it Together
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  • Introduction

    So, you think you know about Dewey Decimal numbers, huh?
    But have you ever seen a monster like this:


      "Help!", you may be thinking, but by the time you get through with this tutorial, you'll know what all of this means. More importantly, you'll know where to find this book on the shelf, and how each element of the call number help determine that place. You'll also be able to toss around terms like "work mark" and "Cutter number" and impress all your friends and neighbors.

      This tutorial is right for you if you're:
      • someone who wants to learn how to find books on the shelf
      • a new employee who needs to learn how to put books back on the shelf
      • just plain curious about what all those letters and numbers mean

      Anatomy of a Call Number Anatomy of a Call Number

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