The searchable text is from the entirety of each authorized digital document submitted to the JKM Library at Chatham University, in the form of a complete and approved Dissertation, Thesis, or Graduate Capstone. 1/3 of contents are currently in. It is collated at utf8_general_ci, with special attention given to non-ascii characters on an item-by-item basis. Basic search is case insensitive, as Advanced utilizes Case Sensitivity.
STUDENT: Release and Upload; STAFF: Receive, Catalog, Convert and Code; PATRON: Basic search - single word keyword or multiple words in sequence, or words separated by "%" if not sequential phrase -- Advanced search utilizes controlled boolean features and recognizes proper pronoun (verbatim) Case Sensitivity.

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MARC 856 = SQL URL, c/p all FT & remove blank and EOL; InnoDB SQL FT=_search_words (LONGBLOB); PHP uses Ajax for sort (basic), Html, CSS and Javascript. Basic Search utilizes "GET" (hence the "sort"), while Advanced uses "POST."
Divided between Basic and Advanced Keyword full text interfaces of the same table in an SQL database, the scale, lines, placement and color is as non-arbitrary as possible to offset the interdependent parallels between the Boolean, Bayesian, and relevance outputs. The current state of the database is at below .5% used, with over 23% of student publications' data in the system, pointing to their [current] locations in either Amazon AWS (S3) or SharePoint (password protected).